The Healthy Living Cloud Inc Fast Food Vegetarian Restaurant & Juice Bar

Who We are and What We do

The Healthy Living Cloud Inc is a Fast Food Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant and natural juice bar. Our dishes are prepared with non-genetically modified ingredients, contain no animal byproducts, where frying is required; coconut oil is used and when a recipe calls for a sweetener, options such as coconut sugar, coconut palm sugar, and agave are used; organic cane sugar is used occasionally as are vegetable and olive oils for frying. The food is made fresh and served in single portions, but not to limit appetite.


We are located in California's Antelope Valley and our audience at The Healthy Living Cloud Inc is made up of adults, specifically those within the age group of 18-49 who wish to live a healthier lifestyle while sustaining a more earth friendly diet.


The increased demand for animal meat and dairy product replacements in the consumer market, along with the advent and expansion of social media groups catering to vegetarians and vegans; accentuate the perpetual need for a one stop shop where diners can eat quality, attractive, delicious and healthy fast food. Our goal is to prepare and serve fast food that will satisfy the consumer and help reduce the environmental carbon footprint at the same time.

Our mission is to offer vegetarian and vegan fast food with a

familiar great taste, made fresh from natural plant based ingredients.

The National Restaurant Association predicts sales will continue to rise, with an expected sales forecast for 2022 of $898 Billion, up from $864 Billion in 2019. We believe a pent up demand from consumers will continue to fuel the potential future growth of the industry.


When compared to our competitors, The Healthy Living Cloud Inc has the following competitive advantages:


• Simple and practical fast food options

• Non GMO and animal byproducts free ingredients

• Vegetarian and Vegan only menu selections

• Plant based signature dinners and sauces

• All frying is done using coconut or vegetable oil

• Popular natural juice combinations

• Menu items are prepared fresh

• Burgers and sandwiches are made with fresh bread baked daily

• Endorsement by a gold selling international reggae and dancehall star.


Fast Food Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes and Deserts

Below are some of the many delicious options on our Menu:


• Dinners

• Burgers

• Sandwiches

• Tacos and Nachos

• Empanadas

• Chili Cheese Fries

• Rice and Beans

• Steaks

• Pizza

• Patties

• Potato Fries

• Zucchini Fries

• Plantains

• Greens

• Coleslaw

• Pasta

• Soups

• Cookies

• Cakes

• Party Bread

• Puddings

• Dips and sauces

• Cobblers

• Fresh Juices

• Milk Shakes and

• More.

Vegetarian and Vegan Only Menu Selections

Our Staff is Second to None and Ready to Serve

We are constantly working to develop new delicious options to add-on for example:


• Create more menu products including vegetarian and vegan deserts

• Analyze consumer trends to determine the need to add children specific vegetarian and vegan menu products; and

• Review market data to identify the possibility of introducing a customer rewards program.

• Create a cookbook.

We offer a Local Catering Service

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